Down to One Week

I can’t believe my countdown is down to ONE week!! Still feels like it should be the 100 day mark.

This last Commander’s Call I had this weekend, my recruiter and his co-worker assured me with confidence that I’m going to do well and that I’m ready.

The popular question has been if I’m getting nervous about basic training. Not at all is my response. I’m still very excited to go. Whatever nerves that I have is from thinking that I’m not going to get everything situated before I go. For example, my health insurance. I guess this time of year is a popular time to make calls to the insurance company.  All of my calls got dropped. One call, I was so close to accomplishing what I needed and bam, call ended.

I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to set a date for a cancellation or a policy switch-over. Stop worrying, you can set a date just before you go. I can drive around for a few more days (don’t tell my recruiter).

I’m starting to get this and that together for basic. Still a few more items to get. I’ll make a post of the items I’m bringing with me and I’ll upload the packing list I received from my recruiter. There are other blogs and vlogs that are very helpful and I’ll just add mine to that growing list.

It’s kind of a pick-and-choose game. You’ll be given a card with some limit and will use that at the BX when you make your trip.

I need to study my ranks more

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