Why I’m Not Commissioning:

I will try to commission when the time is right. I need to do something with the most expensive piece of paper.

1. I wanted to get going with the process of joining. Didn’t think I’d be waiting around eight months to get sent to basic.

2. The Officer jobs are not what I’m interested in right now. I’ll save that pilot slot for someone who will be much more passionate about flying than I am. Being a pilot would be cool and all…

3. I wasn’t in ROTC. Sure you can be a good officer without being past of ROTC. I think it would be of benefit. Because leadership.

4. My idea of a good leader is starting from the bottom and experiencing the enlisted side first. And hopefully be a mentor for those who enlist and work towards their commission.

5. Tie in with #2. I studied hard in college. That hard work does not reflect the GPA I so wish to have. So I’m not qualified for the officer job that I would like to have. In a number of years the GPA won’t matter as much, from what I’ve been told.

6. If you enlist, you can get some help on your federal student loans called the College Loan Repayment Program (CLRP). Not offered to officers, since they make more than enlisted personal do. I’ll take advantage of that assistance while it is offered.

7. I kind of REALLY want to be a K-9 handler. I don’t think I can be an officer and a handler simultaneously. If I don’t get to be one, I’ll be okay with that.


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