Packing list

Here is the list that your recruiter should give you: Packing list

All you need to bring are the clothes on your back, your documents, toothbrush, and your flip flops/shower shoes.

My pack includes:

4 T-shirts (3 black, 1 gray) -my goal is to blend in as much as I can

8 pairs boy short style underwear (again black and gray, it’s simple)

6 pairs of white socks

2 sports bras (I’m bringing the two that I have. Guess the colors! The list says white, I’m not going to spend $50-60 on one. If I have to have one, I’ll buy some with my card I’ll be given. It’s hard to find a good high support sports bra. Mine are from Victoria’s Secret and they are great!)

1 white bra

2/3 pairs of compression shorts -black (Not needed, but they are very comfortable)

A folder with the documents you need to bring along. I don’t know if I can bring it, but it’ll help to keep everything together.

Hairbrush and comb

2 travel sized Q-tips

Dental Floss

Razor and an extra cartridge

Hair nets (I’m sure you can find this when you get to the BX)

No metal hair elastics (Get the thick and thinner ones, in your hair color.

Bobbie pins and hair pins (same color as your hair. I actually grabbed both black and brown, because the brown ones seem like they’ll be too light for my hair color. I doubt that they’ll be noticed, but I’m going to stick with the black)

Mesh hair doughnuts (they make your life so much easier. My cousin imagefinished Army Basic in the last couple of years and told me they helped out a lot! Go with your hair color. These are the ones that I ordered:  I have had no issues with them.)

Toothbrush (I’m going to miss my electric one!)

Toothbrush case/holder that will not move. Make sure it has a flat surface of some sort and easy to clean. I grabbed at Walmart for about .98 cents.

Travel size shampoo and conditioner, body wash, hair gel, and toothpaste. (Make sure they go into a quart-sized zip-lock bag. From what I’ve watched and read; keep the small bottles to refill so you can keep the larger ones on display for inspections. I’m trusting my Wingmen on this advise!)

2 things of deodorant (one to use and one to display)

Sewing kit (I could have waited on this, since I had to do some running around. I bought one when I finally found it)

Loofa (Drys faster than the wash cloths that will be issued. I don’t know if I’ll get to keep it or not)

Flip-flops/shower shoes. Black, no logo of any sort (Might be hard to find in the off season. Mine are from Old Navy that I’ve had laying around for years. If you can’t find them in stores, look online. If you only bring one thing to basic make sure it is these)

I don’t have tampons and pads on my list because I’ve been on birth control and don’t get my periods. Sorry a little personal. No need to bring them if I’m not going to be using them. They’ll take up space too.

Nail clippers

A small note book for addresses

I almost have a full book of stamps so I tucked that into the notebook. I through in some black ink pens since I already had them and a highlighter.

Even though your recruiter will give you a form to fill out for direct deposit of your paychecks, I’m bringing my checkbook as back up. You should bring some cash and your debit card.

I’m waiting to get a notebook and envelopes when I get there. It’ll just take up space in my pack. I’m sure I won’t be needed them in the first week. Same thing with a watch. I don’t really want one, because I’m going to be staring at it and probably drive myself crazy. I know where to find one if I have to have one.



Running shoes. The list says no personal running shoes. I’m bringing the ones that I had fitted. I asked my recruiter and the other recruiter in the office if I should bring them and they both said, “yes, you absolutely should.” My shoes are Brooks Ghost 8. They feel great. Hopefully I won’t have to get another pair. I got mine at Runner’s Roost.


Cell phone and charger. No need for a calling card.

Contacts and eyeglasses (note to self: go find a strap for the glasses)

Documents: Social Security card, drivers licence/ID, direct deposit form, another form, base access list for those who want to come to graduation, I have college transcripts, Debit card, Enlistment contract, prescription for eyeglasses and contacts.

For my final swear-in I think I’ll wear a nicer shirt for photo ops. I don’t want to look like a bum in a t shirt. I’ll change into a shirt afterwards.

It’s kind of a pick-and-choose thing. When it’s all said and done I’ll make a post about what you need to bring and can wait to buy later.

5 days and I’m still very excited! I’m still waiting for the nerves to hit, but I don’t think I’ll get them.


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