I’m Back!!

Okay, I’ve been back. For almost a month now. I graduated BMT 19 February, did the Airman’s week gig and arrived to Tech School.

Regards to the packing list; you do not to bring anything. Maybe the travel shampoo, conditioner, body wash. We went to clothing issue the day we arrived and the mini mall shortly after (from what I remember, the week was a blur and forever ago). Also, I’ve tried to forget as much as I can about basic. But, I’ll make an exception and dig deep for you all.

Basic is not like what you see in the cool promotional videos on YouTube. It’s relatively easy. Just do what you’re told and you’ll get by.

If you have questions, feel free to ask and I’ll get back to you with them in a post. I figure it’ll be better than digging through 8 weeks of the same thing.

All grown up!