Tech School

Hey all!

It’s been a good minute since I last posted.

I’ve been enjoying, for the most part, tech school. I’m in tech school for Security Forces. I’ll give you a run down for those of you who are interested.

Security Forces tech school is 65 training days, Monday through Friday. Weekends off is the greatest! You’ll be here for 14 or so weeks, because your 0-week is A LOT of briefings! Then the next week you’ll have your Day of Training (DOT) 0. Other’s will probably make it sound like it’ll be the most intimidating day. Yes and no. Just do what your supposed to do and have all your mandatory items with you and you’ll survive just fine. Just expect running in and out of the room a couple of times.

From there you’ll go back to CATM and do progress checks (PCs) on the M4 and M9 and also shoot to qualify.

After CATM you’ll get your instructors and be in the classroom for a few days learning about SF history. Here you have your first exam! It wasn’t all that hard. Then you’ll go into the combatives lab.

You’ll do a warm up work out session when you start the day and after lunch/dinner. Combatives was my favorite part of training. The warm up sessions weren’t hard, but they made you work. Look up body drags and shrimping.

I don’t think anything made me so mentally exhausted as much as combatives did. I remember being so exhausted, that when I did my PC with the red man I broke down. Red man is when you fought the instructor wearing a padded red suit with a padded baton. Word on the street is they don’t do red man anymore.


Then you’ll do a couple PCs on the phonetic alphabet, talking on the radio, and one or two others. Afterwards you’ll start deadly force training.

Deadly force, my squad got to use the FATS simulator (I don’t know what FATS stands for). You’ll stand in front of a screen and asses the situation, you shoot or you don’t. Some situations suck. You’ll also get to act it out.

Then your back in the classroom for Articles and Forms. You’ll have two exams during this block, one on articles and the second on forms maybe, I’ll have to check. You’ll do more PCs afterwards on filling out the forms.

Police week starts. Here you’ll get to direct traffic, check IDs at the gate, and drive the police car. It’s a fun time. The experience is up there with combatives.

Police week goes by very quickly and then you’re getting to leave Camp Bullis. Camp Bullis is where you’ll do your active shooter training. You’ll have a written test and then you’ll get in full battle rattle and arm up every day. You’ll have to run EVERYWHERE. It sucks. The training is fun. You’ll standby a lot. It sucks. You’ll get to shoot simunition rounds, they sting. I had some nice bruises.


Block 5, you go back to CATM and learn about the M249 and M240B. Yes they are machine guns. And fun to shoot. You’ll have PCs on both of them. When you shoot, you qualify. My team didn’t get to shoot the M240B. Sadly, you have to go out to Camp Bullis to shoot.

Then it’s time to learn about nukes. Which means your last test! It’s a lot of information, but no need to stress out.

After that you’ll be on your last set of swings and back at Medina for some other training on areas you could be working when you get into the operational Air Force, like the flight line. I’m in this unit right now, so I don’t have much information to give you all.

We are starting to get ready to out process out of here!


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