Referrals​ :)

I have a couple great referral links and codes to use at a couple of great companies. Who doesn’t want to save 15% off on high quality supplements and work out attire? 

This first referral link goes to a company called Unico Nutrition. They have been around for five years now. Their protein taste better than another protein I’ve ever had. The aminos they have are my absolute favorite!

Use code at checkout: SELONG

I love cute workout attire, I’m a girl can you blame me? If I look good, I know I’m going to have an excellent work out session. Fit Style brand found me on Instagram and reached out to me to become a brand rep, so here I am! I can’t wait to make an order on their FitStyle shirts. I’m not a big jewelry wearer, but I want to be with their jewelery. Most of all, I need one of their meal bags! I won’t say anymore, check them out yourself!
Use code: affit